Peterborough-Kawartha MP Michelle Ferreri Denounces Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

Updated on March 9, 2022  

Conservatives call for further action to counter Putin and the ongoing invasion of Ukraine  

Canadians stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. With millions of Canadians and the Ukrainian community in Canada, we condemn the unprovoked actions of Russia and Vladimir Putin. This attack is a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity; it is also a violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations.  

Russia’s actions threaten the very basis of the international system which Canada played a key role in establishing after the Second World War. Putin’s actions must be met with severe consequences.  

While we continue to support the actions taken to date by the Government of Canada, Conservatives recognize that more can, and should be done. We are calling on the government to take the following immediate additional actions:  

  • Supporting our NATO allies in Eastern Europe by resuming CF-18 policing operations as part of Operation REASSURANCE; 
  • Sending Canadian field hospitals and surplus Canadian Army vehicles, including Bison Armoured Vehicle ambulances, via Poland; 
  • Seeing a relocation of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee session planned for June in Kazan, Russia. 

The Conservative Party of Canada believes it is time to take the threat of Russia seriously over the medium and long term and propose the following actions:  

  • Develop a robust plan to defend Canada’s Arctic security and sovereignty and;  
  • Reform the pipeline approval process, to make it possible to build new pipelines to tidewater, recognizing energy as vital to Canadian and European defence and security.  

It’s time to take seriously Canada’s Arctic security and sovereignty. Canada, like Ukraine, shares a border with Russia. We can no longer afford to take our peace and security for granted. The government needs to come forward with a robust plan for Canada’s Arctic that will,  

  • Modernize NORAD’s early warning system;  
  • Fix Canada’s broken military procurement system;  
  • Accelerate the National Shipbuilding Program;  
  • Purchase F-35 jets; and  
  • Work in closer cooperation with Scandinavian countries and the U.S. to ensure Arctic peace and security.  

The Liberal government has failed to recognize that Canadian oil and gas is vital to Canadian and European security. We need to get new pipelines built to tidewater to displace Russian natural gas. Russia supplies 40 per cent of Europe’s natural gas and uses this to intimidate Europe and Ukraine, threatening to cut off supplies to Europe. If supplies are cut, people will freeze, industry will shutter, and Europe’s GDP will plummet.  

Canada is the world’s fifth-largest natural gas producer, but we can’t export gas to Europe to assist European democracies because we can’t get pipelines built. This Liberal government must get serious and realize our energy sector is not only vital to our economy, but vital to our security, and is in line with ESG goals.  

Conservatives stand with Ukraine, the people of Ukraine, and the over one million Canadians with ties to Ukraine. We understand that Canada’s security is inextricably tied to that of Europe. We believe that Canada must strengthen our own defences and renew our commitment to the NATO alliance in the face of the threats from Russia and China  

 For further information to assist with friends and family in Ukraine, please visit our website: or call our office directly at 705-745-2108 or    


Additional information below. 

Where can we find the latest information for Canadians and permanent residents in Ukraine?  

The situation is likely to change quickly. For the most up to date information on how to access assistance, and on how to leave Ukraine and the entry requirements for neighbouring countries, please follow this link:  

What is the best way for Canadians and permanent residents in Ukraine to access consular assistance?  

Canadians in need of consular assistance in Ukraine should contact Global Affairs Canada’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa using the following:  

  • telephone at +1 613 996 8885  

Canadians should continue to check our Travel Advice and Advisories for Ukraine and sign up with the Registration of Canadians Abroad service for the latest updates.  

The Embassy of Canada in Kyiv has temporarily suspended its operations due to the security situation. Consular services are available in Kyiv, by appointment only. Canadians and permanent residents can contact the embassy for consular assistance at  

The ability of our Embassy to provide consular services in Ukraine may become severely limited. Canadians should not depend on the Government of Canada to help them leave the country and should leave by commercial means while they remain available.  

Who can access Canadian consular services?  

As per the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, consular services are available to Canadian citizens and their dependents. Canada also offers consular-like services to permanent residents on a best-effort basis.  

Canada will assist citizens, permanent residents, and their family members (nuclear definition: spouse or common-law partner and dependent children), even if some of these are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents.  


Where can permanent residents go to apply for a valid PR card?  

Permanent residents of Canada who don’t have a valid PR card can apply for a permanent resident travel document from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in order to travel back to Canada.  

We have also set up a dedicated phone line for IRCC services, available both inside Canada and abroad, at 613-321-4243.