A Common Sense Conservative Plan

Bring Home Lower Prices

  • Capping costs and stopping government waste to bring down inflation and interest rates
  • Cancel the tripling of the carbon tax to stop punishing hard-working Canadians just for buying food, filling up their cars, and heating their homes

Bring Home Powerful Paycheques

  • Cutting taxes and claw backs that punish work, so you keep more of each dollar earned
  • Remove gatekeepers so immigrant doctors and nurses can treat patients, First Nations can earn paycheques, and Canadians can build
  • Green light projects like nuclear, hyrdo, carbon capture, and mining of battery-making materials.
  • Remove taxes, red tape, and gatekeepers to bring home businesses, factories, pipelines, resources, and technology

Bring Homes Workers Can Afford

  • Remove gatekeepers to free up land and speed up permits to build
  • Withhold infrastructure money from city governments and give building bonuses to cities that quickly green light builders and provide affordable homes
  • Require new apartments around transit stations
  • Sell off federal buildings to build more homes

Bring Home Safe Streets

  • Jail, not bail for repeat violent offenders
  • Restore mandatory prison sentences for gun crimes
  • Keep the worst criminals off the streets and behind bars
  • Cancel Trudeau’s costly gun grab on hunters and licensed firearms owners and use the savings to stop drug smuggling at our borders
  • Keep hard drugs illegal and offer people suffering with mental illness and addictions hope and treatment, not taxpayer funded drugs and suicide
  • Sue Big Pharma for causing the opioid crisis and use the proceeds of the lawsuit for rehab services to bring home our brothers and sisters, drug-free

Bring Home Freedom

  • Protect our country against foreign threats and government overreach here at home
  • Rebuild our military at home and our alliances abroad
  • Stop woke censorship on campus and online
  • Make Canada the freest country on earth